A language in its own right, Italian style is an identity, a way of being, translated through art, history, and every day life. To appreciate the influence Italian style has had on the world today, one only has to look at its surroundings. From cuisine to furniture design, its mass appeal is hardly surprising.

World’s leading source of modern contemporary furniture, Nardi epitomizes sophistication, creativity and style through its comprehensive collection of cafe and restaurant chairs, tables and bar stools.  Made in Italy, Nardi furniture offers the simplicity and elegance of Italian style to any establishment large or small.

Building on its reputation for excellence, Nardi has applied original and cost effective materials such as polypropylene (a thermoplastic resin) and aluminium to their range of indoor and outdoor furniture to suit any space and ambience. Welcoming in design, the furniture is lightweight, stackable, easy to clean and practical, easily adaptable to new environments and changing weather conditions. Versatile pieces are at the forefront of innovation and technology, each tested to adhere to European standards. Nardi also develops sustainable practices; its recyclable resin trademark guarantees every piece is 100% recyclable, for a waste free and damage free environment.

Elegant lines and minimalist details present a window into the quality craftsmanship and refined style of designer Raffaello Galiotto. Vibrant colours make an instant impact, adding a certain confidence and sophistication to any indoor and outdoor area. Texture and charm is added to any room by incorporating bright colours to a sea of white.

Pictured: Riva Bistrot is a seat without armrests made of fiberglass polypropylene featuring clean-cut and simple silhouettes. Lightweight and easy to handle, the Riva Bistrot seamless tubular frame features rounded corners and profiles, where the seat and back form a single whole, emphasizing the total styling fluidity of this chair.


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