Keeping an eye on new stock arriving in our warehouse and showroom is a great opportunity to check out the latest innovations in commercial catering equipment, and the Convotherm brand never disappoints. Their Convotherm 4 combination steamer ovens look great, are simple to use and deserve a space in any commercial kitchen that values innovation, excellence and quality.

Why Choose Convotherm

With their products always brilliantly built at their factory in Germany, Convotherm pioneered steam cooking and helped to develop the user-friendly features busy kitchens rely on. From simple touch pads to intuitive and streamlined operations, Convotherm steamer ovens blend smart technology with commercial kitchen design basics like robust construction and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Convotherm creates pioneering catering products designed to inspire the best chefs in the world. Their motto, ‘Your meal. Our mission’, underlines their commitment to the most advanced catering technology, embracing new techniques, engineering opportunities and versatility. The streamlined design and simple operation also makes a Convotherm a great option for front-of-house kitchens.

Convotherm 4

The latest Convotherm range includes a huge choice of sizes and models, most available in electric and gas versions, meaning they offer customers a hugely flexible choice of product without compromising on quality or design.

Their smallest steam oven, the Mini, is just over 51cm wide and 45kg in weight, so it can fit in even the smallest space. For large commercial kitchens, Convotherm’s 20.20C weighs in at 340kg and can hold 40 or 20 trays, depending on the size and configuration.

OES Mini Combi Steamer Oven
OES Mini Combi Steamer Oven

Convotherm 4 models also benefit from optional extra features, so you can build them around your existing catering equipment and kitchen set-up. These features include an external sous-vide sensor, core temperature sensors, Ethernet and LAN connections for remote monitoring, disappearing doors for more space and safety, and a built-in condensation hood for speedy steam and vapour removal.

EasyTouch or EasyDial?

Whether you choose a direct steam or boiler version, a compact mini or a taller model, you can also choose between the complete control of an easyDial operating system or the intuitive simplicity of easyTouch.

Where the EasyTouch touch pad offers simple operation, as well as a fully automated cleaning system, the easyDial steam ovens from Convotherm offer creative chefs greater flexibility, control and choice. EasyDial ovens allow users to set up their own unique cooking profiles.

EasyTouch has a clear and simple 9 inch screen and offers 399 different cooking programs and a host of great features to enable you to perfectly control temperature. If consistency and reliability are key, the press-and-go option enables quick and simple operation without extra program information. EasyTouch models can even be set for ultra-gentle overnight cooking.

All Convotherm 4 models are available from Café Ideas now to buy, rent or lease. Contact our friendly team today on 1300 22 33 43 for information on our affordable finance options, and make your dream new combi steam oven a reality in your catering kitchen.