Many years ago, the only way to cut bread was to use a wooden board and knife. Whilst most people at home still slice their bread the old fashioned way, in the food industry, bread slicer machines are the most time effective and safety conscious way to get the food onto the table. If you’re wondering how a slicer machine could help your business, read on.

Who Needs a Bread Slicer? Artisan Bakers.

Freshly baked loaves available to buy straight from the oven are always going to be popular with your customers. People like buying from you because they know what they’re getting is homemade and of the highest quality. However, once the loaf has been taken home, they might well miss the ease of tucking into ready-sliced bread from the supermarket. Whilst the supermarket bread quality may be poor, it’s an easy job to produce sandwiches with bread already sliced and ready to go.

Freshly Baked Loaves

Freshly Baked Loaves

Cutting into fresh loaves can be a risk if you don’t want your sandwiches to resemble doorstops. So, wouldn’t it be great if you could slice loaves for your customers while they wait? Our bench top bread slicers allow you to cut even the crustiest loaves into even slices, meaning customers don’t have to do it themselves, and pre-slicing bread can also reduce wastage. With up to five different slice thicknesses available, the customer gets to have the final say on how their loaf leaves the shop. Having the option to buy your high quality bread freshly sliced will give your customers the best of both worlds.

Who Needs a Bread Slicer? Restaurants and Caterers.

An efficient, safe and secure bread slicer is also a must for any restaurant or commercial kitchen. When fitting out a kitchen, there are always going to be the obviously necessary pieces of equipment such as the oven and dishwasher. A slicer may not strike you as vital but, considering that a machine such as the G Tyrone Bread Slicer can cut up to 240 loaves per hour, it will definitely make the life of any restaurant worker significantly easier. Sandwich makers and caterers can also cut down their daily preparation time with the aid of a bread slicing machine. Its safety guard and quiet operation are also a bonus in the hectic and fast-paced environment of a kitchen.

Restaurants and caterers go through unbelievable amounts of bread in a day. Having your freshly baked bread sliced in an even and uniform fashion will keep you and your customers happy. When bread is used as an accompaniment to soup or a starter, you want it to be unobtrusive and neat on the plate, and of course, a nice consistent thickness is exactly what you need for sandwiches, too. If you don’t sell your bread for take-away now, then a slicer makes that easier, too.

Why Buy at Caféideas?

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