Have you ever considered online booking for your business? Then perhaps today is the day! As mentioned in a previous blog, being online has become crucial for your business. Be online, have a website, communicate on social platforms. And offer online booking.

It is no secret the way we communicate has dramatically changed over the past few years. Many people do everything on their phones but don’t like to actually get on the phone. So why not offer your customers a new way to make a booking without having to place a call? Quick and easy!

A few platforms, such as Yumtable and Dimmi, could allow your customers to make an immediate reservation online, as well as checking your trading hours, your menus and reviews.

What benefits are in for you? Being listed on these platforms, you will be able to:
? tell the world you exist and what you do (especially if you don’t have any website)
? be found more easily (as these websites are organized around categories)
? reach a broader database of online customers
? create a loyal customers database (as these websites use a reward system so customers tend to come back, hence more opportunities for them to find you and your appealing deals)

Afraid of competition on these platforms? You’re right! If you have a website, we recommend you to attract customers to your website and don’t let them wander off. How to? Simply embed a widget on your webpage allowing them to book online via your website. Too easy! And while making a reservation, they might even check the rest of your website, including your menu, photo gallery or even upcoming events.

Alternatively, you can also add a link to your eNewsletter (if you send any) and on your Facebook page (is you have any) alto let your customers know they can book online.

Ask around, is it worth the work? And if you think it is, don’t be afraid and get into the online booking game tomorrow!