Owning and operating a bakery is one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can have in the food services industry. No other type of restaurant does what you are about to do in quite the same way. You help people get their day started off right with delicious baked goods. You're there for them when they need a treat by way of cookies, muffins, pastries and more. As you begin to outfit your bakery, however, there are a few key things to keep in mind. You need more than just cold, hard passion to succeed in today's crowded environment where bakeries seem to be popping up on every corner with alarming regularity. You also need to make sure that you've outfitted yourself with the right tools to really stand apart from the competition in the way you deserve. Cafeideas.com.au is the one-stop shop for all the bakery equipment your business requires.

Fresh Baked Bread
Fresh Baked Bread

1. Embrace Technology

While it's true that bakeries existed long before the technological advancements of today's modern era, you don't necessarily have to do everything "the old fashioned way." Embracing the boldest and brightest that technology has to offer isn't just a way to stay head of the game - it's a way to meet demand head on. Take the Maestro Mix ROL-MOL280 Freestanding Roll/Loaf Moulder, for example. With its adjustable dough hopper and reverse operational capabilities, this product brings unprecedented flexibility and versatility to your business. The fact that you'll be spending less time and energy handling dough means that you get to save on labour costs. The digital controls also allow you to fine tune the machine to your liking so that you can turn out the same high quality product time and again.

2. Versatility in Supplies

Another important factor to keep in mind is that there isn't necessarily one "magic" equipment solution to all of your bakery needs. If you want to achieve the best possible results, you'll have to employ a wide range of tools that don't try to do everything with mixed results, but that do specific things exceedingly well. The F.E.D. MENDOZA Conical Rounder is an example of this type of logic at play. It's a celeste conical rounder that is perfect for making ball shaped dough. It also features the type of compact and noiseless design that will allow it to work exceedingly well and still keep a low profile in the back room of your bakery at all times.

3. Theme

Another great way to separate yourself from the competition is to develop a theme to call your very own. Visit local bakeries in the area and take a look around. Forget the actual product itself for a moment and closely consider the environment. What type of image are they trying to create? What are the fixtures and other design elements that they're using to achieve that goal? More importantly, what thematic hole is being left by the competition in the bakeries in your area that you can fill with your own establishment? That is the type of opportunity you need to seize.

The team here at Cafeideas love the smells and environment of a quality bakery as much as anybody, and we pride ourselves in sourcing and supplying only the finest bakery equipment to ensure your bakery rises above the competition. If you wish to discuss any of our bakery equipment or to seek advice on outfitting, please contact us today.