Want to recreate this magnificent Parisian look and feel in your place? Effortlessly chic and flawless? You will love our Parisian range! Chairs, armchairs, ottomans and bar stools … various options to choose from.

This fabulous wicker range is inspired from the elegant Parisian brasseries and brings from Europe all its charm. Made of high-quality UV treated materials, you can show off these Parisian chairs on the street or any other outdoor area - just the way they do in Paris! The chairs will equally look good inside. Plus, the hand-painted aluminum frame with its wooden finish will perfectly compliment the oh-so emblematic 2-tone weave.

Our Parisian range is extremely versatile it’s almost magic! Depending on a few elements such as lighting, space arrangement and table presentation, you will be able to create a fancy and chic space or a simple and informal environment.

The Parisian furniture not only looks good but also is extremely comfortable - comfortable enough so your customers can sit and enjoy the moment instead of painfully moving on their chair the whole time. The seat and backrest are firm and provide an excellent support. Additionally, the bar stools include a footrest with a perfect height to provide leg support - not always obvious!

If you want to complete this Parisian look, we recommend our matching tables including the Gentas marble table top and Paris table base.

If you want to go further and get the total Parisian look, we encourage you to dress your waiters with one of our Chef Works white aprons!

Browse through our Parisian range today and find out what color combinations are available at Cafeideas.

Oliver Brown, Shingle Inn and many other customers have already adopted the Parisian style … will you be the next one?