New Upgrades
• An insulation thickness of 75mm, meaning less power is required

• Evaporator outside compartment, increasing load volumes

• Easier internal cleaning

• Customised electronical control

• Front hinges for plinth installation

• Improved gasket holder profile

• Air speed on product is lower, as it is conveyed on the back side

• TN 70 is now 225W (previously 304W) = 25% less power consumption

• BT 70 is now 399W (previously 530W) = 25% less power consumption

• Ecologic Foam WBS (Water Based System) polyol + isocyanate + expander

• Designed to meet with the new ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) index

• and GWP (Global Warming Potential) index

Mechanical and Technical Improvements
• Dimensions slide holder rack is reduced

• The fixing of the door holder bracket is on the front side

• Front panel always possible to open to access the unit for cleaning and maintenance

• Automatic condensing water evaporator

• Cabinets entirely constructed in AISI 304 s/steel

• 75mm insulation with CFC and HCFC free polyurethane

• The front panel tited to make routine maintenance

operations easier (cleaning the condenser)

• Cabinet interior with rounded corners for easy cleaning

• Standard equipped with 3 shelves and 3 pairs of grid


• 15cm height adjustable feet

• Easy reversible doors with self closing hinges for an

opening of less than 90°

• Removable seals without use of tools

• Full height handle with an easy hold incorporated in the door

• Micro-switch for stopping the fan on door opening

• Lock fitted as standard

• Suitable to be placed on a plinth

Functional Characteristics

• R134a refrigerant fluid by plus temperatures, R404A by minus and R290 on request

• Automatic defrost and hot gas condensate evaporation

• Monoblock condensing unit with evaporator free refrigerated compartment and forced ventilation

• Control panel with membrane circuit board with basic HACCP functions, alarm management through

visual warnings, memory capacity for up to 3 HACCP alarms, displaying the alarm's critical value and

duration, possibility for continuous operation using the Overcooling function for a certain amount of

time and until the temperature pre-set on the board has been reached.