At Cafeideas, we understand that there are many important considerations to be made when running your commercial kitchen. You need to think about purchasing the types of equipment that will allow your business to continue to grow and evolve as time goes on. You need to make sure that you're purchasing the right supplies to please your customers to create a sense of loyalty and trust in your community. Chief among these concerns should always be the steps that you'll take to protect your commercial kitchen workers in what is naturally a dangerous environment. Staff safety should always be paramount and there are a few key areas to keep in mind.

Employees and Burn Hazards

Commercial Kitchen

When you're working with commercial kitchen equipment, one of the biggest hazards will always be heat and burns. Regardless of the type of business you're running, you probably work with things like hot oil and open flames on a daily basis, for example. These two elements are the most common ways that employees are burned, sometimes in incredibly severe and painful ways. Make everyone aware of just how dangerous hot oil and steam can really be for the best possible results moving forward.


In order to maintain the cleanest possible commercial kitchen environment at all times, you likely use a wide range of different chemicals during maintenance of your business on a daily basis. These chemicals are often incredibly harsh, as they need to be to deal with some of the dirt, stain and other related issues that you work with on a daily basis.

Commercial chemicals that are great for cleaning up stains on floors or sanitizing commercial kitchen equipment can also be incredibly detrimental to human health. People can be burned or scarred if these chemicals are exposed to skin and can get very sick if they happen to be ingested. Make sure that everyone knows to practice safe cleaning techniques at all times to prevent these types of things from happening in the first place.

Floor-Related Accidents

Many people don't realize that the floor in their kitchen is actually one of the biggest hazards that employees will face every time they come to work. Things like uneven or cracked floors, cables connecting kitchen equipment to wall outlets, mats or rugs that are overturned and more can also present falling hazards that could injure a person greatly before you know it. Make sure that all spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible and that anyone is aware of any potential hazards before they enter the kitchen area.

Protecting your commercial kitchen workers is something that should always be on the forefront of your mind with each passing day. So long as you've taken steps to correctly identify hazards that naturally exist in this environment and understand what you have to do to share the same knowledge with your employees, you'll find that you've created a safe, happy and healthy environment for everyone involved.