More technology, more tradition

Polaris makes it possible to perform a high quality programmed, controlled proving process, producing improved aroma and fragrance compared to foods subjected to the traditional, natural leavening process. The big news is that the baker can start working later and put the product in the oven at the preset time because its fermentation has already reached the right point in Polaris.

Cool quality

Polaris can slow down and arrest the development of dough for up to three days. It then warms the dough to just the right prove temperature so it is ready for the oven at the desired time. All functions are controlled by a microprocessor that enables the cycles and times to be programmed even for a number of days. The Polaris prover also enables any further development to be arrested at the end of the cycle so that all trolley can be wheeled into the oven without having to rush.

Anti-blackout battery

The units also feature a buffer battery to ensure the parameters are saved even if there is a power cut for any reason.

Perfect temperature control, more time saved

No CFC! Thanks to using only extra-strength cooling units with ecological gases and condensers and evaporators with large exchange surfaces capable of working in tropical climes at temperatures of over 40°C. What's more, the flow of cooling air inside the Polaris prover gently encompasses the food, assuring even temperatures throughout, hence a vastly improved end result.

The door

The Polaris door has a slot-in gasket providing a generously sized surface for adherence of over 3cm for a positive seal. There is also a “strip” gasket for extra insulation.

Ultra-controlled humidity

During positive deceleration and leavening, humidity levels are maintained by adding or removing steam by means of a high pressure control.

Device Top Pluses

  • greater hygiene & improved cleaning
  • greater reliability & improved safety
  • greater energy savings
  • long lasting service life
The control is able to deal with 3 different types of cycles:

  • Automatic cycles (up to 16 customised cycles)
  • Manual storage cycle
  • Manual leavening cycle

 Life takes a turn for the better, since in the morning:

  • all the dough is fermented, ready for the oven
  • you simply have to put your product in the oven
  • giving you time to knead & shape new dough

Without it you would have to start earlier to:

  • knead the dough
  • shape & mould
  • allow the product to rise
  • put it in the oven about two
  • hours after you started work