Have you thought about refreshing your cocktails menu? It might be an excellent way to keep your customers entertained and coming back for more.

Customers love cocktails more than ever before, and you should make the most of it. If you work behind the bar, you know there are different castes among drinkers. Wine drinkers, beer drinkers, and cocktail drinkers. While the first 2 categories are pretty easy-going, the last one is more demanding.

Cocktail drinkers want the affordable luxury of a single special cocktail that they can’t get at home. They are often adventurous and enjoy tasting new flavors, new combinations – they will definitely love finding new options on your menu.

Your menu

Updating your cocktail options allows you to add movement to your menu, as well as your blackboard, website, Facebook page. It’s a good sign, it means your bar is alive and keeps breathing. Your customers will be even more interested and keen to go back to taste your next home-made potion.

Your menu should be a festival of colorful, weird and wonderful cocktails. The weirder, the better!

Your cocktails

Camel milk or pickled egg, no matter what obscure ingredient you use, just make sure they are super fresh! And if you can throw some low-calorie cocktails, you will score some points with the health-conscious.

The cherry on the cake: provide some DIY options for a full personalization. Your customers will love it and might even get a 2nd drink!

Your bartenders

Having comfortable furniture and great music is not enough. You will need super bartenders providing excellent customer service and with a set of super skills. Being a bartender requires some serious skills.

-  Great memory. You definitely want someone able to memories hundreds of recipes and who doesn’t need to check recipes on Google every 5 minutes.

-   Dexterity. Your bartender should be able to juggle with 2 shakers, 1 muddler and 2 jiggers – at the very least!

-   Sommelieresque skills. You definitely want someone able to move fast but take time to stylishly fix cocktails and offer a great show. Your bar should become a theater!

-   Consistency. A good bartender should be able to make the same delicious cocktail 4 times in a row.

Winter wonderland

Now we are in the heart of the winter season, don’t let the rain send your customers home, and beat the cold season! Update your drink menu and add seasonal options to attract customers with winter beverages. Have you consider mulled wine? We share some recipes below!

Be creative and go loco, but make sure your cocktails always taste good. If your customers like it, they will buy a 2nd drink and very likely come back!

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