Grill stations are great to prepare yummy panini sandwiches with melting cheese. Your customers love it but it’s a nightmare for you to clean afterwards.

Following the introduction of their range of grill stations a while ago, Roband has recently designed and developed an easy way for you to keep your Roband Grill Stations clean at all times. After listening to customers’ feedback, they came up with an economical and effective non-stick (PTFE) sheet and clip mechanism.

This PTFE sheet is very simple to use. As you can see on the image below, only a few steps are enough to set up your grill station. It’s definitely a great plus as it prevents food sticking during the cooking process and also spillage baking-on or carbonizing on the plates over time. As a result, it makes it much easer for you to clean afterwards. No more scrubbing for hours.

Additionally, it helps reducing the risk of burning the outer part of the food being grilled whilst it’s being cooked. Feedback has even shown that the PTFE sheets produce a more flavorful result.

Available for both the 6 slice grill stations and 8 slice grill stations, these PTFE sheets are reusable and will enable you to save money. Optionally, a side draining grease channel is available for high volume waste.

These new PTFE sheets and clip certainly have many benefits. Simple, reusable, economical and easy to clean, they will make you change your mind about grill stations!



Please note that the PTFE sheets and retainer clips are sold separately but are complementary.