Blue Seal has recently launched their Sapiens range of combi-steamer ovens. Are you looking for a high quality and high performance ovens but are afraid of too much technology? These ovens will be just perfect for you.

With Sapiens, you can cook and program with electronically managed manual controls. It is simple and you don’t have to give up the precision of electronic controls. It is ideal for juicy meats, fragrant breads and desserts, dry and crispy fried foods.

Sapiens combi-steamer ovens are equipped with automatic programs, 90 cooking programs already in its memory, and can contain up to 99 cooking programs.

Cooking programs are easy to manage and ensure consistent, quality results. Additionally, ovens independently control the different cooking phases and various parameters such as temperature and humidity in the cooking chamber and regulate the fan speed.

Various cooking methods are available and you can choose from steam cooking, convection cooking or combination cooking. Steam cookingis great for maintaining all of the food’s nutritional value and keeping bright colours. It allows you to cook any type of food that otherwise must be cooked in a traditional system of boiling water. Convection cooking is ideal if you are after uniformity. Whether aimed for crispy and dry or soft and juicy, this method offers excellent dishes at full loads without waste or food that is not presentable. Finally, combination cooking allows excellent results with meats and fish without the need to continuously baste the product to keep it from drying out.

In addition of all these great features, Sapiens launches the Solid Clean System, a new automatic cleaning system (applicable to countertop models only). The detergent is supplied as a powder and then diluted in water and sprayed inside the cooking chamber. This process is completely automatic, so it is even easier for you. The combined action of the product with the steam and then rinse water has maximum effectiveness against the grease and residue deposited during cooking.

Various practical and functional configurations are available for your specific needs. Check the Sapiens range available at Cafeideas today.