Scotsman reinvents ice and makes your life easier. What could possibly be more embarrassing than serving a too watery juice or glass of rosé to your customers? They don’t even have time to sip their favorite drinks and ice cubes have already melted.

Brought to you by Scots Ice, Scotsman Water Drain Pump Ice Machines are the newest models in the range designed to make your life easier and your customers happier.

With Scotsman you can expect the following:


Compact size: can be fitted anywhere

Rounded design with sliding doors: easy to use
PWD system: drainage related restrictions waved off
Quality of the ice cubes: happy customers
Easy use and maintenance: hassle free
Automatic variable water purge: decrease water consumption

Why will your life change for better? Because the ideal size of this ice machine will enable you to fit it right where you need it, at your point of sale, under the counter for instance.

The machine is easy to use and to maintain. You will also appreciate its style. The bin door is designed with a rounded look and slides very easily, allowing you to open it quickly as many times as needed to serve perfectly cold drinks. For your convenience, the ice scoop sits in a designed folder inside the storage bin, making it easy for you to grab and use at any time.

To help you clean and maintain the machine easily, a red light and alarm indicator are situated on the front panel in order to warn of dust building up on the condenser air-filter. Additionally, an anti-bacterial pouch is located inside the storage bin and emits an invisible vapor in order to prevent the build up of bacterial matter.

An automatic variable water purge was added, extending time between cleaning and thus reducing water use. You will also be able to decrease utility costs and water consumption. In other words, you will do something good for the environment and you will save money.

This new range also includes the Progressive Water Discharge (PWD) system that allows residual water to be pumped away rather that using gravity. Therefore, any drainage related restrictions are resolved, which is ideal where the drain is higher than the base of the machine (it can be up to 1.2 meters high) or the machine is not close to the drain (it can be up to 12 meters away).

Why your customers will be happier? Because the ice machine will produce great quality ice cubes, clear, hard and slow-melting. This will allow your customers to take their time, enjoy this moment spent at your place and finish their drinks with less flavor dilution.

Make a change today and choose Scotsman ice machines from Cafeideas. We provide a wide range to suit individual requirements and production sizes. Save money, save energy, save time. Relax and focus on preparing the best drinks your customers could possibly dream of.

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