State-of-the-art Technology Applied to Ice Making

Standard features are the for the “Fast Drop” system reduction of the harvest cycle duration and the “Water Sense” system for the automatic control of the water hardness and, optimisation of the water consumption evermore important in a world where the smarter use of a precious resource such as water is becoming more and more relevant. Our MV models now use less power and water for the same production!!

SCOTSMAN Proudly Introduces “Prodigy”

Energy Saving: the automation of the “harvest” system for the detachment of the ice cubes from the evaporator plate waffle using the dual action of thermal and mechanical effects. Reducing the last phase of the production cycle (the actual defrost) to a matter of one-sixth of the time required by a standard ice cuber.

Smart Intelligent Water Saving: we often consider mains water in urban areas to be of constant quality. On the contrary, the quality of water can vary greatly, even in the same location.
To remove any minerals that remain after the freeing of one batch of ice, in-between production cycles the water sump is flushed with fresh water prior to starting a new cycle. Consequently, a different mineral content water will require a different length of wash-out cycle.
In Prodigy ice machines, a measures the electrical conductivity of the water coming from the mains, which varies according to the mineral content, and adapts the flush cycle duration to the local conditions of water-hardness, avoiding unnecessary waste. The smart way of reducing water consumption!
Labour Saving: the new ice machine is a “Prodigy” by name and by deed: the self-diagnosis control board allows for unprecedented ease of use and maintenance. All the units functions are visually presented by the means of codes, easy to understand for both the technician and the end user, thus greatly reducing training needs for routine maintenance operations and trouble shooting.

Its All In The Shape

The dice cube, with its six sides, allows for an excellent heat exchange contact surface, hence fast chilling of all drinks. The dice cube adapts very well to any size and shape of glass. The vertical evaporator, well known and appreciated, allows high levels of production at reasonable operating costs. The Vertical Dice evaporator technology, which has recently been upgraded to meet and exceed stringent water and electricity consumption limits, is found on Scotsman MV & MV Prodigy Series. It guarantees excellent operating performance under any circumstances, even in very “hard” water conditions. Equipment lifetime operating costs are reduced to a minimum through excellent engineering and final design of these units.