Scusi Cafe and Deli

Gourmet café and deli a welcome addition in Kogarah Bay

As newcomers to the café industry, Scusi Café & Deli owners Joseph and Mariel Hanna were delighted to find help at hand with Caféideas’ Damien to guide and advise them.

“We had some initial thoughts about what we wanted when we first contacted Caféideas,” said Joseph. “But when we met with Damien, he went over everything closely and saw ways we could gain more bench space and establish a better work flow. Damien has lots of good ideas and it was great to sit back and listen to what he recommended.”

Scusi Café & Deli is scheduled to open in late June 2012 once renovations to the former corner store are completed.

The café will contain a mix of indoor and outdoor eating, with plans for courtyard seating in the pipeline.

“Owning our own café and deli has been a dream of ours for several years,” said Joseph. “There isn’t anything like it nearby and we’ve been thrilled with the support shown by local people who are looking forward to having a fine quality café and deli in their neighbourhood.”

Joseph first came into contact with Caféideas when he began his internet search for the equipment he needed. “Caféideas kept coming up in the search results and I really liked their website,” said Joseph. “With such great photos and detailed descriptions, it was like being in the actual store. The VIP pricing is fantastic too.”

Throughout the planning process, Joseph and Mariel have been able to draw on Caféideas’ expertise in café equipment and fitouts.

“We were having trouble visualising how everything would fit together and Damien arranged some 3D drawings that made everything so much clearer for us,” said Joseph. “This was so much better than trying to get an idea from masking tape markings on the floor which is what we were doing previously.”

From Caféideas, Joseph and Mariel purchased a glass door bench fridge, under counter dishwasher, refrigerated cake display, refrigerated deli display, gas 4 open burner/static oven under, toaster/griller, griddle hot plate, panini machine, slicer, bar blender and under bench ice maker.

“We’ll be stocking and serving a range of gourmet foods and refreshments and we’re really looking forward to getting underway,” said Joseph. “Mariel is gifted in making and presenting beautiful cakes and desserts. And so apart from serving the finest in coffee, a key item on the menu willbe a range of sweet treats including cake pops, cupcakes, chocolate mousse and more.”

From late June, Scusi Café & Deli will be open 7 days from 7am to 4pm. It will stock a range of high quality foods and serve breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon tea as well as a variety of refreshments. Scusi Café & Deli is located at 4a Wyee St, Kogarah Bay.