Smoothies are perfect to get your daily allowance of fruits and vegetables and a hit of vitamins while enjoying a tasty beverage that fills you up. Get ready for summer days and be prepared to serve your customers fresh and yummy smoothies. As days get warmer, who would say no to a smoothie?

Hamilton Beach has recently launched a new high-performance blender, the Eclipse blender. Its powerful motor will enable you to blend anything and everything. With the Eclipse blender, you no longer have to limit your menu to standard fruits and vegetables that are easy to blend. You can now expand your offer and blend anything you feel like. And don’t be shy; there is a lifetime warranty on the motor and stainless steel blades.

And because powerful is too often synonym of loud, the new QuietBlend technology was developed in order to reduce noise and keep it to conversation level. This becomes possible with the advanced easy-to-remove Quiet Shield enclosure. With its built-in clips, it allows a quick removal of the shield, as well as a faster cleanup. In addition of its quietness, the Eclipse blender has a compact size that makes it easy to fit anywhere, including on your counter, where the action is.

The control panel is extremely simple to use and you will surely appreciate this feature when you need to blend several smoothies in a row during rush hours. You can also select from over 100 pre-programmed cycles and add your own ones. Thanks to the memory card slot on the side of the blender, you can easily custom program.

Discover the Hamilton Beach Eclipse blender today.