A few weeks ago we praised communal tables and the great vibes they innately bring to your restaurant, remember? Communal tables are to spread joy, so food is to share! Sharing platters are on trend and if they are not listed on your menu yet, it’s time to make the leap.

It might sound obvious to some of you, but many restaurants still offer no sharing platter, or just one not-so-tempting option. How sad is that! Keep in mind that the more options listed on your menu, the broader your customer base.

Whether it’s dinner for 2 or lunch for 20, your menu should definitely offer appealing options for groups. Share plates, antipasti, tapas, snacks … no matter what you call it, you should allocate more space to it!

Because some people struggle so much to select one meal option and when they finally pick something after a 30-minute discussion, they end up regretting their choice.

Because some people get this serious food envy when someone else orders something that looks hundred times better (and everyone knows they won’t share).

Because some people are keen to get adventurous and try new flavors but are still quite shy and don’t want to feel obliged to eat it all if they hate it.

With your sharing platters, customers will be able to taste a wider selection of flavors and delicious bite-size nibbles. They will be more free and relaxed, the atmosphere will be friendlier (considering customers don’t start fighting over food), and their experience will be improved. Bottom line, customer loyalty will be higher than before.

On top of sharing flavors, experience and time, your customers will also be able to share cost and they will surely appreciate it.

On your end, organizing sharing platters is super easy! Get awesome plates (wooden and chalkboards are our big favorites!) and artistically place all your ingredients on it. Plus, it will allow you to serve everyone at once, so no more impatient customers complaining their friends were served before them!

Depending on your niche, you can serve delicate food in a fancy way, but you don’t have to. À la bonne franquette can be absolutely charming too! And if you can include vegetarian sharing platters to your menu, you might even be able to attract some more customers! And the absolute cherry on the cake would be to add sharing dessert platters to your menu!

Keen to try but have no inspiration? We have put together a whole bunch of terrific share plate recipes for you. We invite you to visit our Pinterest board to dig in!