Have you ever walked into a room and felt impressed or inspired by what you see? Was it the elegant lines of the furniture, vibrant colours on the walls or perhaps the clever use of space?

Setting the tone for an inviting interior can have a great impact on your customer’s dining experience. A pleasant atmosphere and working conditions can help maximize staff efficiency, customer returns and an increase in overall business performance.

At Cafeideas we can help you achieve this with our Shop Fit Out & Design service. Our team of experts span from architects, designers, builders, electricians, plumbers, equipment manufacturers and other professionals working with you every step of the way from concept to the finished product. Business owners can enjoy the benefits of working exclusively with Damien, our Shop Fit Out Specialist, for all plans, designs and fit outs of your new venture or existing establishment.

Before any project commences, new or existing development plans must be submitted for council approval. A general process often consists of a design application where plans are submitted detailing your fit out guide and any kitchen licenses and safety audits.

An appropriate design and layout is necessary for an effective food service operation. Every venture is unique and when you work with Damien you can expect proper planning and an adequate design to ensure all construction is carried out in line with the activities conducted on the premises and your business vision as a whole. If you are a cafe or restaurant, the design will vary depending on the following factors:

• Menu – What do you plan to cook? (This will impact the type of kitchen & equipment you will need. Think takeaway shop vs. restaurant)
• Location – Have you secured a lease on your property? (This saves both time and money in looking at multiple properties)
• Waste management (Ideally make sure your premise includes a grease trap as this can save you $1,000’s in installations)
• Ventilation (This is very important for maintaining a healthy indoor area. Premises with no or little ventilation may incur unplanned costs & budget setbacks)
• Budget (The price you are prepared to pay including capital costs & operating costs)

In the design phase certain safety standards are outlined for a more streamlined food service operation. To eliminate any possibilities of food and equipment contamination, we can ensure your premise is designed effectively in the required space and area for all your food preparation and storage.

While some jobs might apply to one type of project and few to others, our expert advice and personable service can help identify certain characteristics to achieve business success. This includes a site analysis with focus on marketability (the likelihood to draw potential clients), any building work (modifications to walls, tiling, plumbing) and possible property constraints. By outlining any council regulations we can ensure your business avoids common mistakes and potential breaches of legislation, saving you both time and money.

Paramount to the final stages of development, with our extensive range of commercial equipment and furniture and available finance options, we take into account to review your:

• Menu
• Cooking techniques
• Space limits
• Installations
• Energy, Gas, Water
• Health & Safety
• Product training

Invest in your business and schedule a consultation with Damien today by calling (02) 9690 2116 or email sales@cafeideas.com.au.