Summer is most definitely here, and most professional kitchens are switching menus and serving lighter, cooler fare. If you want to make a splash in summer sales of food and drink, it’s worth investing in the catering equipment you need right now to get the most bang for your buck and capitalise on the season. Café Ideas has a huge selection of hot-weather-friendly products for commercial kitchens.

Ice Cream for Summer
Ice Cream for Summer

1. Ice Machine

Ice is essential in the summer months to quickly chill drinks and keep other products cool. Made the traditional way or bought in bulk, ice takes up a lot of room in your freezer that could be used for products to sell. Commercial kitchens benefit from making room in their restaurant design for a stand-alone ice machine. Whether you’re looking for a high-production free-standing machine or an under-the-bench marvel, Café Ideas stocks ice machines and ice flakers to suit any commercial kitchen.

2. Ice Cream Display Freezer

If you’re planning on making room in your restaurant design for an ice-cream serving area, Café Ideas has great products to make the switch simple and easy. From angle-topped freezers to display your ice creams to deluxe ice-cream bar-style freezers, we have display and serving solutions for any café layout and budget.

3. Ice Cream Machine

Planning to make your own ice-cream as well as serve it? No problem. Café Ideas stocks a great selection of ice-cream machines for creating both traditional ice creams and soft-serve styles. With the right equipment, ice cream made on site is simple, quick and delicious.

4. Waffle Machine

Don’t forget the delicious ice-cream extras. Invest in a waffle-making machine to create your own cones from scratch. You’ll have more control of the finished product and less wastage.

5. Commercial Blender

Another summer favourite is fresh fruit smoothies. High-quality juicers and blenders come in handy for making refreshing drinks and processing raw ingredients for use in ice-cream making. Compact and reliable, a good-quality commercial blender is a useful addition to any commercial kitchen.

6. Salad Bar

Customers enjoying long summer days may want slightly more to sustain them than icy drinks, smoothies and ice cream. Look at ways to boost impulse buys from passing trade, and invest in quick take-away options for the front of house. A salad bar can be run by just one member of staff, or even operated as a self-service feature, and it offers a healthy, light and quick meal for customers to take away or enjoy in-house.

Whatever catering equipment you choose, Café Ideas offers free shipping for larger purchases in the Sydney area, and you can take advantage of our rent-try-buy finance arrangements to enable you to expand your business and profit from the opportunity diversification offers without the upfront capital risk.