Smoked food, yet another trend spreading fast this year. If you want to make it to the super-cool-places-to-visit top list, you’ve got to embrace the movement and smoke everything you can!

Why? It is actually a pretty simple process, so why not adding another flavor profile to your menu!

Plus smoking foods is a fabulous way to enhance flavours. Especially if you smoke meat, you will get delicious juicy and tender results. More and more customers will start lining up tomorrow and ask for more smoky yumminess!

What can you smoke? Meat and fish, although you should know this is so yesterday.

You can push a little bit further and smoke vegetables and cheese. If you feel more adventurous, try smoking cocktails and beverages (such as whisky and beer).

Don’t forget about the gourmands with a sweet tooth and consider smoking yogurts, fruits and chocolate.

Finally, if you are not afraid to sail in terra incognita (or almost incognita), try smoking butter, salt, ice and pretty much anything you can find in your kitchen.

How can you smoke foods?

Trust our supplier Moduline to help you with that. Created in 1989 in Italy, they have know-how, experience and a great range of equipment.

Their new smoker oven is ideal for restaurants, hotels and pubs, and will allow you to use innovative technologies to cook traditional recipes. Both cold and hot smoking options are available.

Cold smoking – food is kept in a container filled with smoke long enough for the outer layer to pick the smoke flavour (think smoked salmon).

Hot smoking – food is exposed to heat and smoke at the same time (think smoked meat).

This trend is here to stay, so express your inner caveman and get a quote today