Going out for a spot of lunch with family and friends was once considered a treat. Today we are fortunate to have made it part of our every day lives. Our lifestyle has changed. Our appetite has evolved. Gone are the days of the simple toasted cheese sandwich. Panini’s, wraps, kebabs are now at the top of our list. And while the toaster is an old favourite, we find ourselves surrounded by various equipment occupying much of our kitchen space - space we may not have.

But what if there was one piece of equipment that can produce quality food quickly with limited skilled staff while requiring less space and consuming less energy?

Opening the window for a new generation of cooking, Turbochef Sota speed cook ovens are a revelation. The oven of choice for many global chains, Sota is quickly becoming recognised by other independent establishments throughout Australia. 

Its speedy rise onto the café & restaurant scene is proof of the growing demand for versatile cooking equipment that provides quality meals in no time.

Here is what you can expect when you cook with a Sota speed cook oven:

• Faster cooking times
• Faster service
• Return on your investment
• Consistency
• More kitchen space

Designed for less skilled staff in mind with easy to operate control panels and pre-programmed menus, this Turbochef oven produces consistently good food quickly allowing you to serve more customers in busy times. The versatility of Sota is also perfect for seasonal menus offering a variety of food as well as all classic pastries and sandwiches served daily.

Take a look at these fun facts. Did you know you can cook a:

• Brownie in 7 sec
• Coffee Cake in 10 sec
• Pie Tart in 10 sec
• Croissant in 20 sec
• Breakfast Sandwich in 50 sec

Now that’s impressive.

Ideal for smaller kitchens, this compact unit can replace your traditional bench top equipment, the toaster, grill and microwave saving you time and space without compromising on quality. By eliminating the use of several appliances at one time, you will not only reduce your power consumption but also increase your turnover by serving more people in a shorter time frame.

Recently Sota speed cook ovens have popped up in many café’s, restaurants, bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias, clubs and lounges and take-away shops.

Today Cafeideas is a proud distributor of Turbochef Sota speed cook ovens. If you would like to find out more click here.  To arrange a demonstration call us on (02) 9690 2116 today.