Sous-vide cooking is a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath before giving it a quick sear and serving it to your customers. Many people say it has become an indispensable technique for any modern kitchen and we are happy to let you know that we now have more sous-vide cooking options available at Cafeideas.

Sous-vide cooking presents advantages related to products quality and has numerous economic and organisational benefits.

The defining feature of sous-vide cooking is an accurate temperature control; hence it allows you to obtain a more tender and tasty product, with a better texture. It is an ideal technique to make sure that the inside of your food is properly cooked without overcooking the outside. As a result, you can minimalize the loss of moisture and weight – see example below.

Another great advantage of sous-vide cooking is that it allows the preservation of nutrients and vitamins, as water-soluble substances are not lost in the water. Additionally, aroma and flavours are enhanced, colours are retained and tenderness is improved. Little or not fat is required during cooking, which makes the dish even healthier. Finally, sous-vide cooking insures consistent results every time a dish is cooked so you will be able to serve the same quality to all your customers.

From an operational and economic point of view, sous-vide cooking also has numerous benefits. It allows preparing dishes in advance, making work organization easier and enabling you to plan ahead and offer a wider variety of dishes. From starter to dessert, several meals can be regenerated simultaneously in the same bath, improving productivity and reducing clean up time. Finally, the machine is extremely easy to use and only requires a minimal training of the staff.

Sous-vide cooking has been around for a while and has definitely become indispensable for your kitchen. Visit Cafeideas website today and discover new models recently added to our range.

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