Who said size matters? Small yet valuable, this tool can turn out to be essential in your kitchen. Discover today the Unox ceramic glass contact grills, combining elegance and power.

Ideal for cafes, bars and fast food restaurants, these contact grills are extremely versatile. From sandwiches and focaccia to grilled meat or vegetables, you will be able to cook anything and cook it well.

With their compact design, they can fit anywhere on your bench top and are simple to use. Thanks to a thick fiberglass insulation reducing heat loss and keeping temperature to a minimum on external surfaces, these Unox SpidoCook contact grills are also safe to operate.

These contact grills are composed of a heating element using the SBH technology and ceramic glass bricks all around. The SHB technology developed by Unox allows the ceramic glass bricks to quickly reach a high temperature, reducing by more than 80% the time of preheating, enabling considerable energy savings.

The ceramic glass elements used are perfect material for contact cooking as they are shock and thermal shock resistant, as well as dense and non-porous. In other words, they don’t absorb the taste of cooked food and keep aromas intact.

You will also appreciate the non-stick characteristics of the ceramic glass elements allowing a quick and easy clean.

The Unox SpidoCook contact grills come with different options: smooth, ribbed or transparent top plates, single or double, manual or digital control. Browse through our range today and discover all the different options available. The range also includes fry tops using the same technology, have a look!

Our dear customer Soul Origin has already adopted it, as well as Iron Wood, Espresso Organica and many others. Will you be the next one?

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