Who doesn’t have a need for an easy to use operation system for their kitchen units? CONVOTHERM, the experts in combi steamer technology have met customer demands by launching the new easyToUCH panel for their product series.

The CONVOTHERM easyToUCH is a robust touch display which alleviates the tough daily kitchen business in the operation and adjustment of your combi steamer.
 Many traditional controllers still use switches, rocker switches or buttons. With easyToUCH you can simply navigate through the plain menu navigation by pressing a finger onto the easyToUCH panel. Large self-explanatory symbols allow unskilled users to learn the operating handle quickly.

EasySystem - central control of the menu.

There are an unlimited number of programs that can be set with the new EasyToUCH system with the ability to have pre-approved recipes regulated by a central user. Images can be uploaded to the system so easy associations can be made with certain meals and quality can be maintained. With simultaneous cooking different products can also be cooked at the same time without flavour transfer.

EasyService - the best service and control.

The system offers automatic diagnostic capabilities and a clear display of any potential errors, preventing unnecessary service costs and providing consistent safety through automatic HACCP logging of all cooking processes.

EasyEco - save energy, save money.

According to the current DIN 18873-1 standard of the new Convotherm Eco-cooking system saves up to 25% energy. Due to Convotherm's outstanding heat retention via the Advanced Closed System the oven utilises the residual heat captured within the cooking chamber for an extended period. Apart from saving energy there is also a significant increase in quality. Switching from Eco-cooking to convection and superheated steam methods can be done at any time.

 easyToUCH offers the perfect individual solution for bulk buyers and chain customers as well. For combi steamers in kitchen outlets you can enable certain category groups in the menu. A consistent high quality can be guaranteed with the Press & Go mode. Simply put preset and successful recipes on speed dial. Even unskilled users are able to get the desired meal quality at any time. Furthermore it is also possible to network the combi steamers among one another and with a computer. Therefore applications are centrally controlled and via internet communicated to the connected computers.