Does your place currently offer takeaway? If yes, that’s great! If not, you might want to change this today. Know your customers and understand them.

While some of them will take time to dine in and make use of your comfortable furniture, some others will only rush in and rush out. And they will expect the same menu options, which is absolutely legitimate.

Either way, we share with you some tips to consider when organising takeaway, as it requires a little bit of planning.

You should organise your area wisely. If you have street frontage, that’s excellent, this way you’ll be able to show off your takeaway option! If you don’t, try to partition your venue so the line for takeaway orders is separated from the sit-down diners. Be careful when doing so - you don’t want to favor takeaway food and detract from the in-house dining experience.

Also, why not offering online order to facilitate and fasten your order process? Another thought for you to consider! Bear in mind, making ordering process easy allows you to build profits and improve customers’ loyalty.

Have you ever visited a place where the sit-down menu is mouth-watering but only 2 options are listed on the takeaway menu? How disappointing can it be?

Don’t be like that, and make your entire sit-down menu into takeaway dishes. It will actually be much easier for the kitchen and this way, customers will really get an idea of what you offer.

When crafting your takeaway menu, take into consideration how well the food will travel (getting cold? melting? disintegrating?), and try to create food that can be eaten by hand or without cutlery.

Finally, you might need to resize your portions, and that’s okay, but make sure it matches your sit-down menu in quality!

Quality takeaway food is definitely setting in on the ever-changing Australia’s dining scene so you better get used to it! Remember to find the right balance to make sure the food represents your restaurant’s standards and your customers’ expectations.