We know how busy it gets in a kitchen during peak hours. Pressure to perform well and fast. The new Turbofan ovens were developed to help you face the pressure! 


- easy to use

- faster to cook and bake

- consistent quality

User friendly.

The touch screen generation is all about convenience. With an icon-driven menu, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use. No time wasted staring on your oven trying to work out buttons, options and functions.

This new touch screen panel gives you a quick access to cooking control - you will appreciate this feature during rush hours when each second matters.

It also becomes so uncomplicated to train your staff. Even the less experienced members of your team will be able use the new Turbofan touch screen ovens.

Perfect and consistent results.

The multi-stage cooking feature is a great addition to the Turbofan series. This feature allows you to design more accurately the cooking steps and achieve desired results. No compromise on the quality of the meals you serve!

On top of that, you can program up to 99 recipes, enabling you to save time, and more importantly, to achieve consistent results and evenness of cooking (or baking).

 A shelf timer was also added to allow you to track different products placed on different shelves. A great tool to avoid overcooking one of your ingredients.


Choosing a touch screen model means making the most of intuitive functionality and pre-programming usability. Visit Cafeideas website today and browse through our range of Turbofan touch screen ovens.