Quality, competitiveness and ease of use, are features distinguishing all of our products.

At Unox we believe in innovation. In our search for innovative solutions we aim to improve the quality and performance of your cooking process.

Unox is engaged in a constant customer feedback program with you, the user. Listening to, and anticipating your needs, developing new ideas and creating original solutions. Always innovating change within the marketplace.

Every product is designed and developed with you, the customer as the focus.

In the UNOX ChefTop range of ovens, some interesting choices have been made.

 AIR.Maxi™ is the medium for heat transmission, and therefore the means used to cook. The performance of air flow is fundamental to obtain uniformity of cooking in all points of the oven cavity. For this reason the study of air flow inside the chamber plays a leading role in the design of all ChefTop™ and BakerTop™ ovens. Our Auto-reversing motors combined with high speed revolving fans ensure perfect uniformity within every single tray.

AIR.Maxi™ using multiple fans in the design of UNOX ovens ensures perfect uniformity on all trays, from top to bottom.
Select 3 air flow speeds within the chamber, and 3 semi-static modes, allowing you to cook any kind of product perfectly, every time.

STEAM.Maxi™ means healthy and light foods with intense colours, undamaged structures and unaltered tastes. STEAM.Maxi™, compared with the traditional boiler technology, guarantees the capacity to produce steam immediately with the reliability that the simplicity of its design allows. The combination of STEAM.Maxi™ and AIR.Maxi™ allows UNOX ovens to transform water to steam. This creates steam that is up to three time's higher quality than traditional direct-injection ovens, accurately controlling the steam production at every temperature starting from as low as 48°C.

DRY.Maxi™ Allows for the rapid extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber, In Gastronomy and Pastry, DRY.Maxi™ technology ensures excellent flavors, allowing the user to obtain a dry and well structured product with an even internal structure, characterised by a crisp and crumbly external surface.

MaxiLink™ The ChefTouch™ digital control panel allows the operator to manage all UNOX appliances of the ChefTop™ BakerTop™ line which are linked to the oven within a single interface. The ChefTouch control panel automatically controls the functioning of secondary ovens, hood, prover, holding cabinet and reverse osmosis accessories.

MULTI.Time ™ In modern kitchens it's not uncommon for the need to cook simultaneously, products that require different cooking times. With MULTI.Time it is possible to use the oven in a continuous mode and to manage up to 9 different timers.

ADAPTIVE.Clima™ ChefTop™ BakerTop™ ovens monitor all cooking parameters, temperature and humidity in the cooking cavity, and allow the user to obtain the desired result of every single batch, independent of the number of pans put in the oven.

Protek.SAFE™ technology eliminates unneeded energy loss thereby reducing energy consumption, contributing to the environmental compatibility of the cooking process performed in ChefTop™ BakerTop™ ovens.
Thanks to the use of innovative insulating materials, Protek.SAFE™ guarantees the low temperature of the external surfaces of the ChefTop™ BakerTop™ ovens, always ensuring the maximum safety of the working environment.

Rotor.KLEAN™ Washing technology dedicated to ChefTop™ BakerTop™ ovens will automatically obtain the maximum hygiene and food safety in the cooking chamber and eliminate ineffective and troublesome manual cleaning operations.

Ask for a demonstration at your facilities to test the simplicity and the performances that make UNOX products so unique.