With Fine Food Australia just around the corner, food is in our mind more than ever. In preparation for next week’s celebration of yumminess, we decided to talk about food! Delicious bread, sponge cakes, puffy pastry, meringues, flans, pies, croissants, biscuits, choux pastry … your customers would be surely glad to hear all about it. And taste it!

Discover today the Unox BakerTop range of ovens. This range is the result of the cooperation between Unox and pastry chefs and bakers and each detail has been designed to guarantee the perfect result of any baked good. Unox has developed several new technologies to ensure these ovens offer the best baking quality possible with maximum production. They also deliver the certainty of an even colours and a consistent texture in any load condition.

Adapative.Clima. This technology detects the amount of food placed into the baking cavity and automatically optimizes the baking process to deliver a consistent result – any time, any load. Additionally, ovens constantly monitor all of the baking parameters, not just the temperature but also the real humidity in the baking cavity.

Air.Maxi. This technology guarantees a perfect air and heat distribution on every baking tray without the need to turn the rack. There are multiple fans in the ovens and the auto-reversing motors combined with high speed revolving fans ensure perfect uniformityon all trays, from the top one to the bottom one.

You can select six air flow speeds within the chamber with or without fan reverse function and one semi-static mode allows you to bake any kind of product, from the lightest and most delicate to the ones that require a very high heat transfer.

Dry.Maxi. The presence of humidity during the last phases of the baking process can compromise the achievement of the desired results. This technology allows a rapid extraction of the humidity from the baking chamber and permits to the product to reach a uniform golden colour and crispiness and to release its entire flavor.

Unox BakerTop ovens offer you the opportunity to combine efficiency and volume. 4, 6 or 10-tray models are available so you select the right size for your need.

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