The average coffee consumption by Australian adults is 9.2 cups per week*, which is at least one cup a day. This represents so many potential customers out there looking for a place just like yours to get their coffee. Many people talk about how much they love their local café; they could be talking about you. Coffee is a very serious matter in our country and that is why you need to understand and get it right. Serving a good coffee is the key to reach new customers, and retain them.

So, what do you need to offer your customers an unforgettable coffee experience? Well, you will need 3 things: high quality coffee beans, a skilled barista but mainly an excellent coffee machine. We cannot really help with the first two elements but we certainly can do something about the third one and help you selecting your next coffee machine.

Say hello to Verona S, the new model added to the Sanremo range. With its classic retro style and soft decorative lines, its design is certainly seducing. Nice curves, modern and available in different colours, you will enjoy using it and your customers will enjoy looking at you. Plus, its size is perfect for medium and large accounts so it will surely suit and standout in your place.

The machine is available with standard and high clearance, which is perfect for the large 16oz take-away cups. And because having options is good, you can choose between two or three group heads. Its sophisticated electronic board makes it easy to monitor all functions, and extend the coffee delivery possibilities while guaranteeing top quality at all times. You will also appreciate the boiler large capacity, increasing efficiency and enabling you to shorten the waiting time between extracting espresso and steaming milk.

The programmable pre-infusion will allow you to pre-wet the bed of ground coffee inside the machine before actually commencing the brew. This will release the flavour of the beans.

The machine is also equipped with a cup warmer, so you will serve your customers a savoury and perfectly hot coffee.

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The Sanremo team certainly knows how to celebrate coffee. Watch the magic happening at the factory:


*Source: Roy Morgan Research.
Roy Morgan Research is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices in each state of Australia, as well as in New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.