Customers come and go. Endless breakfasts and lunches are served. The kitchen is ever in its element. Most of the time it’s smooth sailing. But what about the times when it’s busy and noisy, when something breaks down? Sure, it’s frustrating and it happens. What’s more frustrating is when your equipment doesn’t do the job it is intended to do.

Good quality equipment is the way to go, and with Washtech’s new range of commercial dishwashers it just got even better. Designed with the end user in mind, each unit is catered to suit every application. This diverse range includes:

X-Type Economy - Models: XG, XU, XP
Simple and cost effective, this range is perfect for small start-up café’s, restaurants and take-away shops looking for value for money.  Not only do these units offer a piece of mind for the slower paced business, but can also provide larger operations with additional support during high demand.

M-Type Professional – Models: GM, UD, M2
Robust reliability and performance are what you can expect from these glasswashers and dishwashers. Ideal for every day restaurants and cafes, small or large, medium to fast paced, these are one of the highest selling units of all ranges.

 A-Type Premium – Models: GL, UL, AL

For the fast paced high-end restaurant, hotel, hospital, healthcare institution looking for RO quality glasswashing; the A-Type Premium range is the best choice. Higher performance and extended functionality is at the forefront of these units as well as easier operation and lower operating costs.

Building on its reputation for excellence, with your new Washtech you can expect:

Peak performance. New enhanced wash operation
Optimum efficiency. Less water, chemical and energy use
Intuitive control. User-friendly multi-function control panel
Enhanced operation. For a cooler, quieter environment
Easy upkeep. Simple install and diagnostic ease, backed by 24/7 service

Putting it simply, these new models are quieter, cooler and easier to use. 

Time and again we have all bared witness to the stained cutlery and glassware, the result of harsh washing cycles. Today, with the new constant rinse system feature (the consistent high rising of temperature and pressure regardless of any incoming water) together with the soft start wash function, (starting off slowly and building performance), you can ensure a more gentler and consistent wash.

Washtech’s enhanced operation and functionality of the machines is further evident through an active waste management system; the retaining of fresh water by flushing out dirty water and dispensing food waste during the operating cycle.

What’s more, these new machines are easy to install. You no longer need fear drain pumps or chemical dispensers, they are simply built within the unit.

With a full selection of Washtech glass and dishwashers now available to purchase through Cafeideas, click here to find out more.