Using spotless cutlery, glassware and plates is as important as the rest in order to offer a flawless overall experience to your customers. Consciously or not, they do pay a lot of attention to every single detail in your restaurant. You wouldn’t want anything to shade the mouth-watering meals and drinks you serve, would you?

Of all appliances in your kitchen, dishwashers operate the longest (some for over 18 hours per day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner), so you better aim for the best quality!

Discover today Washtech. Founded in 1981 in New Zealand, the company has since extended its range and now includes under-counter and upright commercial dishwashers, as well as glass-washers and ware-washers.

Washtech is today the largest manufacturer of wash equipment in Australia and proudly offers powerful and durable machines with a simple yet effective design, and an ease of operating. With the Washtech units, there is no compromise on quality - they deliver high volume and high efficiency.

The company gained the ISO 9001 certification* a few years ago and has been proudly maintaining it since then.

Today Washtech is excited to introduce its brand new M2C professional pass-through dishwasher. Made in New Zealand, just like the rest of the range, this unit can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as it is suitable for in-line or corner installation.


The innovative condensation hood is what you want to hear about. The heat recovery condensor uses exhaust air to heat incoming water, which means this allows major energy savings (35%) and costs savings (approximately $1,200 per year in a busy restaurant).

Additionally, this means the steam emitted is significantly reduced, which is ideal for places with poor ventilation. As a result, your kitchen will be cooler which is recommended for your employees, as a humid and damp work place can make them feel tired. On top of being an environmentalist, you will be able to offer a healthier workplace.

Is your chef not the cautious kind? Moving fast and slamming doors during rush hours in the kitchen? Don’t worry, this Washtech M2C unit is extremely robust and will weather rough use.

Plus, extra warranty applies on labour, wash pump parts and cabinets parts so you are all covered for years!

Discover our Wastech range today and have a look at this shining brand new M2C passthrough dishwasher.


* Iso 9001 certification: world's most widely recognized Quality Management System.