In the world of coffee where the barista is king and the customer its trusted subject, loyalty goes a long way. For centuries, coffee was consumed for medical purposes; later it became the reason to socialize. With a long-standing tradition of carefully sourcing, roasting and brewing the perfect cup, coffee making today is not only a skill, but also a form of art.

While coffee as an end product is largely dependent on the expertise of the barista, the secret often lies in the quality of the machine. In a continuous pursuit of excellence, Wega has ignited the passion for coffee making yet again, this time with its new Concept Green Line commercial coffee machine. With its sleek design and innovative technology, the range is a playground of inspiration.

The perfect solution for those in search of a highly functional and attractive design, the machine has a number of unique features. What one notices initially is how appealing the unit is. With clean minimalist lines, the design incorporates an LED lighting element around the perimeter of the machine, which can be synchronized with the user’s favourite tunes. Individual barista lights also add to the visual aesthetics making it easy to adapt to any space and surrounding.

Highly versatile, the machine is also designed to cater for different beverages. Whether its take away cups, mugs or espresso shot glasses, the unit easily produces slide out trays from under each group head lifting the cup closer to the portafilter. Convenient not only for reducing spillage, but also ensuring the coffee creates the best crema.

Most often, a standard coffee machine will have one or two boilers. Standing ahead of its competition, Wega’s Concept allows for multiple boilers to distribute power individually and only when required, with the main boiler is dedicated to steam and heat water only. A clever application, this guarantees an increased thermal heat stability of the coffee brewing boilers. As certain roasts react better to different temperatures, the user is given the option to set its profiles and have maximum control the heat.

The most innovative of its kind, the Wega Concept has a remarkable ability to memorize workloads, accommodating to each task accordingly. This is an important function when you program each button for each dose. For example, by programming hot water for different volumes, you can eliminate the chance of overflowing your coffee. With two hot water saving options, it will distribute the right amount of water for the specific beverage, whether its a long black coffee, a hot chocolate or even a full pot of tea. 

Allowing for a USB port, the machine is able to save and share all downloaded and uploaded settings and parameters, as well as any software upgrades. Perfect for cafe chains, programming a machine has never been easier; simply plug in the USB into another Wega Concept and it will automatically transfer all pre-set data. This includes any language options, operating hours and heating temperatures.

Another sophisticated characteristic of the machine, and a very important one at that, is the ability to measure temperature levels. Designed to measure ambient humidity, the machine informs the user of the pump operating water pressure (the boiler pressure) as well as the incoming water pressure (the one in the group head). Monitoring a room’s humidity allows the user to adjust the beans accordingly; beans tend to soak up more moisture in humid periods, affecting the grind.

Energy Saving
Keeping the boiler temperature consistent often accounts for a large percentage of energy consumption. While most standard coffee machines include a stand by mode, what they fail to do is assess the energy losses that occur during the heating and brewing process. Certified ‘green’, the Wega Concept is designed to specifically obtain energy saving during the nocturnal rest period and during the operational period. To put it simply, the machine learns how you use it and then memorizes the workload. For example, if production is slow between 2-4pm, the machine’s software remembers to power down and runs at a smaller speed. During the evening, the software detects a peak hour, powers up and starts running at full speed again. After service, the machine knows to slow down and shut off completely during the night. Having the ability to do this makes it an extremely eco friendly machine, saving the business an estimated 47% in energy consumption.

Sleek in style and extremely functional in design, the Wega Concept Green Line coffee machine is sure to win over every passionate barista as it has Cafeideas. To find out more about this coffee machine and the Wega range click here.