Essentially, FLAT® is a revolution in levelling and stabilisation technology. Elegant, and simple, it fits seamlessly into countless products that in the past have been challenged by uneven surfaces.

For designers and manufacturers of industrial and commercial products, FLAT® improves the performance of anything that requires stability. Through innovative engineering, FLAT® designs and develops high performance, cost-effective OEM component solutions that ensure a level and stable platform for a broad range of applications.

With a myriad of cost-effective uses, FLAT® will change how the world looks at design, making instability a thing of the past.

No matter what type of product or use, FLAT® will keep it rock steady. In every environment, FLAT® technology simply adjusts to the situation and locks the product into position. Then it's ready to go FLAT®.


Established in 2004, FLAT® is a simple yet revolutionary technology that instantly levels and stabilizes anything from a table to a helicopter, and has applications in industries as diverse as hospitality, furniture, domestic appliances, film & television, defence, manufacturing, construction and medicine.

Aside from the obvious safety benefits to industry, the technology is also ideal for designers and manufacturers, who can now enhance the enjoyment of their products by ensuring that their functionality isn't impaired in any way.

FLAT®'s patented technology is unique, and has a distinct commercial advantage in that it is incorporated into products at their design stage, so manufacturers aren't stuck with a bolt-on afterthought.

about the technology

The intelligence inside FLAT®

FLAT® levelling and stabilisation technology is remarkably simple. Basically, it's a system of interconnected actuators that communicate via multi lumen tubes.

It incorporates 2 critical components:

1. Hydraulic communication between each support element, so that anything manufactured or fitted with FLAT® technology automatically finds its level on any uneven surface.

2. An internal fluid-based braking mechanism that uses the gravitational force of the product, setting its load evenly across each point of support. All objects manufactured or fitted with FLAT® will find their level on any uneven surface – instantly and perfectly.

Rather than build down to a nominal specification, FLAT®'s engineering philosophy is to go beyond minimum requirements. It uses materials and processes that surpass what many might deem necessary, but the end result is a product that exceeds expectations.

Through working with world-leading mechanical and chemical engineers as well as plastic producers, FLAT® has created innovative components that achieve optimum hydrolytic performance. These deliver flexible span diversities for each application without the need to retool.

The team of engineers at FLAT® will work in conjunction with your designers to customise the technology so that it perfectly complements your product. In addition, the huge range of material options will be sure to satisfy even the trickiest technical requirements.

At FLAT® we're obsessed with safety and environmental concerns, and will ensure that anything we help create will exceed all appropriate requirements in these areas.

In fact, with FLAT® as your supply partner, you can be confident that the components will actually outlast the product they've been designed to keep stable.

about the people

Michael Maxwell – Chairman

Michael has over 25 years in the finance sector. He began his career in 1984 as a commercial lawyer with the major Australian legal firm, Mallesons, before joining the international investment bank, Morgan Grenfell, in 1986 concentrating on corporate takeovers, public company listings and the sale and purchase of businesses. In 1989 he became an executive director of Morgan Grenfell Australia Limited with responsibility for corporate advisory transactions.

In 1992 Michael joined international investment group, Babcock and Brown where he held a number of senior positions including Global Head, Real Estate and Regional Head, Asia. In his 17 years with Babcock and Brown Michael completed the structuring, arrangement and placement of debt and equity for a large number of real estate and infrastructure transactions.

Michael is on the board of a number of not-for-profit organisations, including Sculpture by the Sea (as Chairman), The Shepherd Centre Foundation, and the Cranbrook School Council (as Deputy President). His qualifications include an Economics and a Law degree from the University of Sydney.

Barry Page – Non-Executive Director

A graduate of Harvard's Advanced Management Program, Barry is a Director of Prolink Financial Services, a firm that specialises in providing finance facilitation services for a variety of industries. Barry has been the director of a number of public and private companies, operating in the areas of Property Finance and Investment, and he brings a wealth of commercial and financial expertise to the business.

Tony Pike – Managing Director

Tony is the founder of the company and creator of FLAT® technology. With a background in plumbing and hydraulics, he was ideally placed to both identify the problems that needed solving and to develop to solutions to them. His passion for technology has seen him launch a further two companies involved in the commercialisation of innovative products and technology. Tony brings a blend of skill, practicality and energy to FLAT® which has seen the company go from strength to strength since its outset.

Damian Chown – Chief Operating Officer

With degrees in Economics, Law and Business Administration, Damian has an enviable reputation for delivering straightforward and practical professional assistance in the form of a “partnership” with business owners and managers.

A member of a number of associations, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Australia), Institute of Management Consultants (Australia) and the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Damian thrives on the challenge of making a difference to organisations, and brings to FLAT® his experience in guiding several similar organisations from concept to global success.

Peter Thomas - Non-Executive Director

Peter has been involved in the investment sector for many years, having spent most of his career working in the Asian markets.

With his focus now on early stage investment, Peter works with some of the world's leading entrepreneurs. This brings a global network and level of sophistication to FLAT® that any company would be delighted to achieve.

Douglas Moore - Non-Executive Director

Like Peter Thomas, Douglas has been involved in the investment sector and

commercialising start ups in recent years. Now based in Hong Kong, Douglas

provides Flat with a gateway into Asia and level of governance and experience needed by early stage businesses.

press release


7 June 2010

FLAT® has won an Australian International Design Award, holding its own with some of the world's leading brands.

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards is Australia's premier design assessment program, recognising Australian and inter-national design and innovation excellence.

FLAT® was announced a winner in the 'business and technology' category. Other winners this year included Dyson, Kenwood and Electrolux.


15 March 2010

FLAT® has been selected as a finalist in this year's prestigious Australian International Design Awards, alongside some of the world's leading brands.

Presented by Standards Australia, the Australian International Design Awards is Australia's premier design assessment program, recognising Australian and inter-national design and innovation excellence.

Entries have been received this year from the likes of Dyson, Samsung, Electrolux and Breville as well as Audi, Peugeot and Mazda, with previous winners including Qantas and Ford.

FLAT'S entry can be found within the Business & Technology category at and the winners will be announced at the Awards night on Friday 4th June.

press release


31 August 2009

FLAT has made a significant move into the US market by appointing a senior executive who was involved in the development of Herman Miller's task chair technology.

Dan Clark is heading up the FLAT USA office from Grand Rapids, Michigan and boasts an impressive background in the manufacturing sector, working with some of North America's leading multibillion dollar organizations.

Dan was one of the founders of US company Dahti Inc. a manufacturer of seating components and products and in 2003 sold the company to Illinois Tool Works (ITW).

Following the sale, Dan remained as a key member of ITW - Dahti's seating technology which is integral in Herman Miller's task chair technology. At ITW-Dahti, Dan was responsible for the seating component manufacturing division employing 130 staff.

Dan's experiences of driving a new technology into different markets and his time at ITW-Dahti, building networks across literally all of FLAT's needs, hit an instant chord of recognition with what FLAT is trying to achieve.

Dan visited the FLAT Head Office in Sydney earlier this year to understand the FLAT product and how he can assist the business in its first manufacturing ventures.

Managing Director, Tony Pike comments: "Dan's skills and knowledge gained as a result of taking a concept all the way through its development to manufacture are vital for a company such as FLAT and we are extremely lucky to have him on board." "We consider his appointment a real coup for the business and over the coming months, Dan will be heading up our US office which is extremely exciting for a start up to report in these times of global financial crisis." Since his appointment, Dan is spending time identifying both manufacturing and customer relationships in the North American market.