Santos has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for more than 60 years. Beginning with motorised coffee grinders and cheese graters, over time their product range has expanded to include juicers, blenders, ice crushers and dough mixers. Commercial kitchens need a wide range of motorised food preparation devices and Santos have made their name by crafting simple, robust and well designed catering equipment solutions.

As you’d expect from a French company, Santos takes the creation of food seriously and their research and development team have steadily refined their products, improving the efficiency of motors and the sharpness of grinders and blades to ensure consistent results every time.

Why Grind Your Own Spices And Herbs?

The value of the spice trade to Europe was what enabled Captain Cook to set sail to find new routes to access this lucrative connection between east and west. For thousands of years, merchants have transported the tastes and flavours of the East to enable those in the West to preserve and flavour their food. In the past, strong spices were needed to disguise the flavour of meat that had been stored beyond its best.

As all professional chefs know only too well, ground herbs and spices lose their potency rapidly, but dealing with some of these materials in their raw state isn’t always practical in hectic commercial kitchens. The longer shelf-life of whole spices makes it cheaper, per serving, to freshly grind spices. For many spices, the flavour is chiefly derived from oils that evaporate once they are exposed to air. Grinding spices increases this evaporation, which means the flavour can be duller. A worktop herb and spice grinder can help you to create easy-to-use ground versions of your favourite dry herbs and spices whenever you need them.

Santos Spice And Herb Grinder

Reliable and robust, the Santos Spice and Herb Grinder is a typically efficient piece of Santos catering equipment. Incredibly easy to adjust, it enables you to create fresh batches of ground spices and your own unique spice blends.

Santos Spice and Herb Grinder
Santos Spice and Herb Grinder

The Santos herb and spice grinder offers the chef complete control over the grinding mechanism, so you can choose to grind your condiments as finely or coarsely as you choose. This also makes the Santos capable of handling a wide range of dry herbs and spices. The twin grinding discs used by Santos are crafted from cast iron and are both durable and easy to change.

The hopper on this device can hold up to a kilo of herbs and spices, with a drawer capacity of 800g, and the grinder typically produces between two and six kilograms of ground spices in an hour. Whether you’re grinding individual spices to stock your commercial kitchen or creating specially blended herb mixes for flavourings and rubs, the Santos herb and spice grinder is a hard working addition to your catering equipment.