Coffee is such a popular drink amongst Australians, you can be sure the majority of your customers will be looking forward to getting their fix of caffeine when they visit your café, and we’re certain that you’ll want to serve them up a coffee worth remembering for all the right reasons.

There is always a lot of debate when it comes to this favourite drink, with people deeply passionate about how they like their coffee made and served. Whilst one customer prefers a flat white to get them going, another may opt for a long black to start their day. Whatever a person’s preference, you can be certain that using freshly ground coffee is the best starting point for serving up a delicious and energising pick-me-up.

Benefits of Freshly Ground Coffee

Shrewd coffee drinkers know the minute you start grinding coffee beans, they begin to lose their taste and aroma. Although it can take a few weeks for the grounds to become noticeably lacking in flavour, you still need to use them as soon as possible to get the best out of your coffee. This is because coffee is highly sensitive to the ageing process, which comes mainly from exposure to oxygen and from drying out.

How quickly this occurs depends on the surface area of a coffee bean. Beans are pretty small when whole, but once ground, their surface area increases around 200 times, making the ageing process significantly quicker. This, of course, affects whether your morning cup of coffee is worth smacking your lips over or if it’s better off poured down the sink.

How to Grind Coffee

In your café, the most vital piece of commercial kitchen equipment you’ll need to serve your customers freshly ground coffee is a coffee grinder. Often an afterthought in the initial café shop fit-out , it’s makes financial sense to spend as much time and money choosing the right coffee grinder as you would your coffee machine. Cheap coffee grinders don’t last and are much less able to produce consistent grinds in a busy environment.

Coffee Grinder
Coffee Grinder

There are two main types of coffee grinder – burr and blade grinders. Blade grinders are often used in domestic models and smash the beans up with a blunt rotating blade. The more you grind, the finer the grounds. The other type is a burr grinder – either flat or conical. Such grinders have two toothed shaped discs, which the beans pass through before being milled to the right size. The gap between the discs changes to ensure the beans are ground to the preferred size. These machines are excellent at grinding evenly, making sure you get a good extraction of the coffee. The fact you can adjust the grind-level is particularly useful in a café where so many different coffees will be ordered.

So, if you’re serious about the coffee at your cafe, grind it fresh and budget for a burr grinder. We have several models available for sale here at Cafe Ideas.