Everyone loves to sit in booths! Have you ever walked in a restaurant and sneakily raced for the available booth in the corner? Feeling slightly guilty when you sit but glad you made it?

Many of your customers are just like that, and understanding the thinking behind why they love to sit in booths is an important aspect of furnishing your restaurant.

They are comfortable
First and foremost, booth seats are extremely comfortable. Most of them have soft, padded seats and backs, and provide greater comfort than wooden stools or aluminium chairs. Plus, booth seats tend to be sturdier, a feature you will appreciate.

Plus, their high backs not only give your customers additional support, but also cut external sounds and commotion. Booths allow creating a very cosy environment, a real cocoon.

They provide more space
Because booth seats are large and wide, they provide more room to your customers to sit, extend their legs and spread out. They won’t feel cramped and confined to their tiny chairs.

This extra space will surely help your customers to relax while they eat and have an even better overall experience. It’s all about keeping them happy, isn’t?

They offer privacy
Last but not least, booth seats allow you to create intimate mini bubbles. The constant rush of staff members and other customers around tables can be seriously annoying and interrupt diners’ peaceful moment. Because booth seats are usually located against a wall, it blocks one side of the table, hence decreases traffic around.

Booths are like shelters offering protection from all disturbances, hence making customers’ dining experience more pleasant. Your customers will definitely enjoy having their very own separate space within your restaurant.

Diversify your seating options today and consider booth seats. Have a look at our photo gallery - our famous customer Koi Dessert Bar already adopted them and it looks great!

Alternatively, have a look at our Pinterest board where you can find some decoration inspiration.

We are about to extend our range so stay tuned, more models and colors to come soon!