If you're considering adding a pizza oven to your restaurant, there are a few key things that you'll want to keep in mind. For starters, you'll want to pick between a wood or a gas-fired pizza oven as early in the process as you can, as that will influence everything from the size to the brand of the equipment that you will eventually purchase. While both a wood and gas-fired pizza oven will both allow you to make the types of delicious pizza pies that your customers will be clamouring for, they are also different in many ways that you need to know about to help make the best possible decision for your business.

Wood Pizza Ovens

The major benefit of a wood pizza oven is one of tradition. The best pizza in the world has been made on wooden ovens for centuries. Once you get them hot enough, you can be churning out delicious pizzas all day long that customers won't be able to get enough of.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

One of the major downsides of a wooden pizza oven is one of cost. Generally speaking, you'll be paying a significantly larger amount of money for wood than you will for a gas-fired option. This price difference may or may not pay for itself, however, in the form of the increased business that you'll see as a result.

One great wood pizza oven is the Modular Commercial Wood Fired Oven. Made it Italy, this high quality piece of equipment can go from cold to 300 degrees Celsius in as little as 120 minutes. It's cost effective to operate; low maintenance and can cook a pizza to perfection in two to three minutes - guaranteed.

Gas-Fired Pizza Ovens

One of the major benefits of a gas-fired pizza oven is that it will allow you to make the same great pizzas that your restaurant will soon be known for, but with a significantly smaller amount of hassle. Gas-fired pizza ovens are generally much easier to use than their wooden counterparts and require less effort on your part in order to get things "just right."

The major downside to this type of equipment, howevers, is one of flavour. More specifically, certain pizza aficionados say that they can absolutely taste the difference between an authentic pizza that has been made in a wood oven and one that was cooked in a gas alternative. Is this taste big enough that the average customer will be able to tell the difference if they're not taste-testing pizza all day long? Probably not, but the decision to go with a gas-fired pizza oven may be one that you don't want to make for that very reason - particularly if you're trying to establish your restaurant as one of the authentic pizza spots in town.

One high quality gas-fired pizza oven is the Goldstein G236 Gas Single Pizza and Bake Oven. This incredible product has a refractory tile heart to help guarantee not only even heat distribution, but optimum-baking conditions at all times. It's stackable to minimise your floor space requirements and even has a stainless steel face and door that are both incredibly easy to clean at a moment's notice.

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