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FPG 3C12-CU-CT 3000 Series Refrigerated Remote Sliding Door Food Cabinet - 1200mm


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• Front Sliding Door Self Serve model
• Easy to clean
• Energy efficient
• Intelligent control
• Adjustable shelving
• Refrigerated cabinets maintain core temperature of 2-4 degrees°C
• Standard LED lighting
Brand: FPG
Product Code: 3C12-CU-CT-LED-SD-R
Weight: 85 Kg
Dimensions: 1203W 769H 663D mm
Power Rating: 240v 50Hz Single phase 0.18kW
Product Origin: New Zealand
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VIP: $6,346.00

Rental: $80.55*
Leasing: $34.81**

All Prices ex GST


VIP: $6,346.00

Rental: $80.55*
Leasing: $34.81**

All Prices ex GST

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FPG 3C12-CU-CT 3000 Series Refrigerated Remote Sliding Door Food Cabinet - 1200mm

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• FPG Refrigerated Remote Sliding Door 3000 Series - 3C12-CU-CT-LED-SD-R - 1200 Model
• Front Sliding Doors (SD) Self Serve model
• Stainless steel construction
• All major components are locally available
• Rear sliding doors
• Cabinet top lighting
• Engineering excellence
• Robust build quality
• Exceed food safety standards.

• Designed for;
• User-friendly for consumer and for retailer
• Suits smaller Cafes, kiosks & C-store
• Designed with price in mind
• Designed to enhance food presentation
• High humidity level means food stays fresh

• Energy efficient
• Double glazed glass for greater efficiency and reduced energy costs.

• Intelligent control
• Active defrost cycles provide better control of cabinet temperatures
• Automatic defrost cycle
• Cabinet can operate 24/7 due to accurate temperate control and defrost cycles

• Free flow technology
• Allowing all air in and out at back of cabinet.
• This allows a tidy seamless visual with no vents required on joinery.

• Moving air refrigeration
• Refrigerated cabinets maintain core temperature of 2-4 degrees
• Withstands 60 door openings per hour with no loss of temperature
• Refrigeration coil is nitrogen filled with capped tails

• Adjustable shelving;
• Shelf angle, light and glass shape are all designed to ensure products are displayed to show them at their absolute best
• Height: 25.4 mm increments
• Angle: Flat or 10 degree pitch
• Shelf sizing:
• Top Shelf: W 1114 X D 225mm - Height between angled shelves 73mm
• 2nd shelf: W1114 D 285mm - Height between angled shelves 87 mm
• 3rd Shelf: W 1114X D 365mm - Height between angled shelves 87mm
• Bottom shelf: W 1114 X D 424mm - Height between angled shelves 73mm
• Stainless steel flat trays

• Counter integration options;
• Cabinet can be corner mounted
• Countertop
• Recessed

• Factory fitted Accessories
• Shelf Lighting

• Standard Accessories
• Small goods trays
• Angle base shelf
• Thermal divider panel - prevents heat transfer between heated and refrigerated cabinets
• Condenser unit- install to be within 15m of cabinet.

• Easy to clean
• Cabinets can be easily cleaned and serviced with many parts 'operator removable' for simple safe access.

• Convenience
• Front and rear view ticket strips, for staff and customers.

• Custom finish
• 3000 cabinets have unique changeable colour inserts to help you to personalise your cabinet.
• Choose from a comprehensive range of modular joinery components built to withstand the toughest commercial environment.
• All cabinets come pre-assembled with common service penetrations and fixing points making a final installation quick and simple.
• Get a custom fit and finish in a ready-to-go package.

• Standard LED
• FPG has engineered a 50,000 hour LED system that is factory fitted, giving rendered light colours.
• Low energy and low total cost of life.

• H 769 X W 1203 X D 663mm

• Display area 1.4m squared

• Image shown: 3C12-CU-SD Refrigerated Remote

Additional Information

Product Code 3C12-CU-CT-LED-SD-R
Brand FPG
Power Rating 240v 50Hz Single phase 0.18kW
Delivery No

Manufacturer's Warranty applies to this new product. If you would like to know the exact details of the Warranty term offered, please contact us on (02) 9690 2116 for further information before purchasing. For furniture warranty and timber care instructions please click here.

Product Origin New Zealand

Additional Information

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