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Service Calls & Warranty Claims

Fault Checklist to be completed prior to service call:

If you believe you have a problem with your unit please check the following first:

1. Check the power source to the item, are there any lights or fans on? Check that fuses or power sockets are working or any gas supply is switched on.

2. If a refrigerated appliance is becoming too warm, check that the condenser is clean (see manufacturers' instructions). Condensers must be cleaned regularly or warranty becomes void.

3. Ensure refrigerated appliances are sited as per instructions. They should not be placed in direct sunlight, by hot cooking equipment or where the flow of cool air to the unit is either restricted or adverse e.g. underneath an air conditioning system or by an open window or door.

4. Make sure the thermostat on refrigerated items is adjusted correctly. Turning the thermostat to a colder position when the appliance is iced up makes the problem worse. Please defrost the appliance and then adjust the thermostat.

5. Ice cream cabinets may become hot on the outside during start up or heavy usage, this is normal.

6. For glasswashers and dishwashers remove drainage pipes and inspect the drainage point in the unit for broken glass or food that may have become lodged preventing drainage.

The above are not classed as faults and so therefore are not covered by the warranty. If a fault is found to be due to any of these reasons or anything that is caused by the situation or the usage of the appliance and not a fault of the appliance itself then a charge will be incurred for the call out.


Making a Service Call

If none of the above can help you to solve your problem then please contact us as you will be required to complete a Warranty Claim Form before any repair can be done.

You can contact us by:

Phone: (02) 9690 2116

Email: sales@cafeideas.com.au


Warranty Claims

Please either  DOWNLOAD the form here >> and fax it back to us.

Alternatively fill in the online form below. All information must be completed in full for the claim to be processed.

Personal Details

  • (Please describe what the problem/fault is and if not working ie; fan not blowing or not cooling at correct temp, etc...We need as much information in order to assist you with the claim.)

    (Please describe briefly where the damage is and upload photos below)

  • (Please upload here or email pictures of damaged items to sales@cafeideas.com.au and quote your invoice number for reference. Unless images are supplied, claims will not be processed if customer cannot return goods to store to be sighted. Images must be sufficient and support the claim.)

* Required Fields